Most of our Projects explore:

United Nations Theme-based exploration (ie: child labor, human rights, children’s rights, girls’ education, gender equality and empower women, the rule of law & good governance, cooruption, political freedom, world habitat, world peace, tolerance, world religion, poverty, civil service reform, environment, HIV/AIDS, maternal health, etc.)

Our projects are intended for:

  • Rural populations
  • Impoverished areas
  • Rural Associations
  • Schools
  • Souks (Weekly Markets)
  • Charity Institutions
  • Children's Hospitals
  • Youth Centers
  • Community Centers
  • Summer Camps

  • Languages:

    To reach out to a large populations, we use the Moroccan Arabic dialect and the Amazigh (Berber) Language. We also provide post-show discussion and Q & A with the audience on various themes, topics, etc.

    Plays and Projects from past years: (1998-2005)

    Play/Projects: Topics:
  • Les Enfants Robots
  • No Exit
  • Enough is Enough
  • Inconvenient Truth
  • Without Fear or Favor
  • I'm Also a Child
  • Vicious Circle
  • The Story of Hayat
  • The Bridge Builders
  • Escape from Planet Earth
  • Can you hear me
  • Madame Fatima
  • Outreach
  • The Invisible Killers
  • The abuse of domestic workers
    Child Labor
    Women's Rights
    Gender Equity
    Girls' Education
    Political Awareness
    Tolerance & Cultural Dialogue
    Water & Environment
    Penal Reform
    Women's Cooperative/Rural Development
    Scorpion's Bite

    Total Attendance:
    Youth Centers:
    Charity Institutions:
    Community Centers:
    Souks (Weekly Markets):
    Summer Camps: