The Team

It takes a team of artists, activists, teachers, educators, advocates, writers, environmentalists, social workers, community stakeholders, volunteers, funders and board members to support the work of Mickey & Friends. With these people we thrive more and more each year, and we are proud of each individualís efforts and accomplishments to help us flourish. We are all dedicated and committed to themes of social justice, social awareness and community development.

President/Artistic Director
Mhamed Omar Elaydi
Vice President
Radwan Chabab
Second Vice President
Majda Nhiri

Arabi Aouad

Secretary General
Majda Ennahri

Alaoui Driss
Layla Kamal

Communication/Public Relations
Rachid Souhoum

Outreach Programs Coordinator
Bouchra Elaydi

School Shows Coordinator
Jallal El Rhazlani

Volunteers Coordinator
Mouad Aouad

And many other Volunteers...